2 jobs for Medical

Dialysis Technician
The Renal Project
1. Preparation, opening and closing of Dialysis session including measure patient vitals 2. Making and maintaining chemicals such as cleaning solutions and solutions required for dialysis 3. Checking machine parameters and ensuring correctness of the same, before starting dialysis 4. Cleaning and disinfection of machine 5. Updating patient records and HD Chart 6. Taking samples, and sending to Lab for investigations 7. Updating necessary billing, patient records and management related data
Quality Control Lead
The Renal Project
1. Collect patient feedback for understanding quality of treatment offered by company 2. Visit dialysis centers for audit and stock check and maintain records of accurate number of inventory and consumption 3. Suggest and implement improvement opportunities in existing processes or new processes 4. Ensure excellent understanding of company processes and SOPs to deliver dialysis by all staff 5. Instruct staff to properly follow processes and accurately document required details